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Monkey Magic

by - on the 21 January, 2009 at 7.56 pm

It’s been announced that the loved Japanese 70s sitcom Monkey has been remade for the 21st Century and will have a UK release on the 23rd February, 2009. Although strictly not an anime, Monkey Magic takes much of what fans love about anime and puts it into a live action situation. Not to mention that this inantely Japanese show is the basis for many series that are popular today.

The official description of the show is:

On their quest from China to India to collect a set of ancient holy scrolls, the Buddhist monk Tripitaka and his three protective disciples, Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy, come to the help of a young princess, Reimi, who’s homeland The Tiger Kingdom has been taken over by two demon warlords, the cruel King Gold Horn and his equally tyrannical brother, Silver Horn. Having plundered the kingdom’s palace and transformed Reimi’s parents into turtles, they now plan to plunge the entire world into eternal darkness, and so our band of heroes sets out to find a magical orb to set things right.

You can see a trailer of the show below:

Remember, out on the 21st February.

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