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MVM Confirm Box Set Releases

by - on the 22 February, 2011 at 2.00 pm

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MVM Entertainment are now known for releasing box sets of their older and new material and they have recently confirmed that they are going to be releasing the following shows in a box set:

  • Tower of Druaga – which was previously going to be a two disc collection of the first season – it’s now going to be a complete box set release.
  • Chobits – it seems a return the UK in a complete box set
  • Desert Punk – released last year will see a re-release as a box set
  • Shana – again released last year will see a box set collection
  • Gungrave – again a recent release but will now be released again.

This is great news for bargain hunters as a box set is always more cost effective than purchasing the single releases. Not forgetting that they are a good collection of decent anime, Desert Punk especially is one worth picking up if you’ve not already got it.

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