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New Asian Cinema Season on Film4

by - on the 13 November, 2009 at 6.16 pm

film4Film4, the free to air Freeview film channel from Channel 4 is well known for their support of anime films and asian cinema in general. Every now and again an Asian Cinema film or anime film crops up and an announcement is made across the anime community. This time around though, Film4 are going all out and are creating a New Asian Cinema film season.

Yesterday on the Twitter stream a lovely little post was made regarding Kamikaze Girls being shown, well, tonight the Live Action Death Note films will be shown. The full season is as follows:

Death Note
“Shusuke Kaneko’s live-action manga adaptation defines the phrase ‘big in Japan’ – Death Note has sold 21 million magazines, and inspired its own anime series, video games, a novel and of course a series of live-action features. Tune in to find out what all the fuss is about.”

Airing: 13th November – 2240

Death Note The Last Name
death-note-last-name“The second part of this Japanese franchise about a serial killer was directed back-to-back with the first Death Note in 2006 and features the same cast and crew as the original. Death Note: The Last Name is a high-concept morality tale spearheaded by a deadly battle of wits between two immature and arrogant geniuses. Possibly inspired by The Libertines. Except for the genius part.”

Airing: 14th November – 0105

I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK.
“Set in an asylum and rich in character and colour, Cyborg is a coming-of-age tale – with the odd SF action sequence thrown in – and crucially, is funny, poignant and always surprising, with a healthy disregard for the genre cliche. Backing up its whizz-bang visual effects with real heart, it also happens to feature the meanest yodelling to have graced film since the Coen brothers’ Raising Arizona. Don’t try to tell us you’re not intrigued.”

Airing: 14th November – 2300

“‘Beat’ Takeshi Kitano takes on the classic Japanese legend of the blind master swordsman who wanders 19th century rural Japan and gets caught up in gang conflict. So far, so trad, but did you know there’s also a climactic music and tap dance routine? True story. If you don’t believe us, tune in to Film4 at 11.20pm.”

Airing: 15th November – 2320

Memories of Matsuko
“Tetsuya Nakashima, the director of Kamikaze Girls, serves up the merriest variety of miserabilism in this post-modern melodrama of a fallen woman. Human abjection never looked so good – expect whimsy and quirkification to rival even Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. (Note: this is nothing like Fantastic Mr. Fox.)”

Airing: 16th November – 2315

House of Flying Daggers
“Here’s another chance to catch our season opener: the modern classic of assassins, romance and some really rather improbable athletics. D’you think wires could possibly have been involved?”

Airing: 17th November – 2300

Toyko Sonata
“Japan’s contemporary nightmares bubble to the surface in this allegorical family drama directed and co-written by genre hopper Kiyoshi Kurosawa. His aloof style keeps the menace simmering just beneath the surface in this family drama about the waking nightmare of recession, divorce and the breakdown of law and order.”

Airing: 18th November – 2240

Thanks to Film4 for the summaries.

So that’s Death Note twice tonight and tons of other Asian goodness throughout the week. So get that SkyPlus box recording!

Source: Film4 Twitter.

See the full listings here.

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