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New Japanese Toystore

by - on the 8 July, 2009 at 9.32 pm

toymotionToymation is a new store that’s due to hit the internet very shortly that will specialise in Japanese toys. Not just the regular L plushies and Pok√©mon about, but Macross, Resin kits, and PVC figures. So there will be even more Haruhi, Ryoko and Higurashi dolls all over anime fans desk nationwide.

With a rough release date of the end of the month, Toy Mation is due to keep us all happy for a long time to come.

Source: Twitter

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  • Facebook User

    Thanks for alerting me about this! I’m very interested in getting some more PVC figures so this is very helpful to me. I’ll be keenly awaiting the opening of this site.

  • Marcus

    They are open and it looks good!! I wish them all the best.