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New Kickstarter for Coluboccoro

by - on the 2 April, 2015 at 6.16 pm

coluboccoro2After the success of his previous Kickstater for Santa Company, Kenji Itoso is at it again. The latest Kickstater from Kenji Itoso and Awesome Japan is for Coluboccoro, an original story and one that needs completing.

Awesome Japan are after $38,000 and at the time of writing they’re already at $25,779. But that’s still over $10,000 short and the stretch goals are substantial and will allow Itoso to push the limits of his vision.


Having backed a fair few anime on Kickstarter now, I can attest to how good that they’ve been so far. Santa Company, which was also a Kickstarter I did not back, has been delivered and most people seem to be happy – although there’s always issues with the backer gifts for all Kickstarters large and small.


If you’re in doubt, there’s an awesome video on the Kickstarter page that will show the quality of the movie.

You can back or view the Kickstarter by clicking here.

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