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New Sweatdrop Titles Available

by - on the 21 November, 2008 at 9.05 am

It has recently been announced by the independant publisher Sweatdrop Studios that there are now six new titles available for general purchase via their online store system for fans of the series and for fans of the studio. Out of the six that have been announced there are currently four “budget” titles that come in under £3GBP per item! This is great during these hard, pre-Christmas times.

The actual titles that are available are:

Jigsaw Pieces – £2
Dragon Heir 7 – £2
Murphy’s Law – £6
Am I Here – £7
The Adventures of Digby Hogarth – £2
The Faucon – £3

These are available for purchase from the Sweatdrop Studio’s store here now.

Source: Sweatdrop Studios

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