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Panda, Go Panda UK Release Date

by - on the 7 March, 2009 at 7.08 pm

panda-go-pandaAlthough this news is a little old now, it would appear that a few online retailers are listing the unknown, but much loved Ghibli classic, Panda Go Panda for a UK release date as the 6th July and apparently Manga Entertainment will be distributing the film.

This goes against all previous precedents set by other Ghibli works as they have traditionally been distributed by Optimum Asia. However, no official statement has been made by either company concerning this possible leak on to Amazon and Play.com.

It’s not surprising that this film is set to be released in the UK, as the fame of the creator is sure to sell the film to people who know nothing about it. Besides, it’s already out in Australia so there’s not a lot of work to get it to the UK.

Source: Animation News

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