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Pokémon and Tales from Earthsea on TV

by - on the 4 April, 2010 at 9.55 pm

Finding anime on TV is always a rare thing, so when it’s noticed early enough it needs to be shouted about. Normally if it’s on the day News Anime will only announce it on Twitter or Facebook as it’s normally when we’ve actually flicked through the TV and found it ourselves showing.

This time around; however, there’s two anime films on and they are:

Pokemon 4 Ever – Celebi: Voice of the Forest
Ash Ketchum and his faithful companion Pikachu travel to an island to investigate especially rare species of Pokémon and the legendary Pokémon Celebi. Team Rocket manage to get themselves involved and Celebi, Ash and co get taken on a long adventure.

Channel: BBC2
When: Friday 9th April at 1230 (Dub)

Tales From Earthsea
The Studio Ghibli adaptation of Ursula Le Quin’s Earthsea series, Sparrowhawk the wizard must attempt to battle half of the world to try and save it from disaster.

Channel: Film4
When: Sunday 11th April at 1250 (Dub)

If any of you ever find any anime films that we’ve not told the world about, please let us know by going to the “About” page and filling in the contact form or messaging us via Twitter or Facebook.

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