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Ponyo Confirmed for the UK

by - on the 10 September, 2009 at 2.47 pm

ponyoIn August, an important announcement was made that we unfortunately missed due to my absence. So I’m posting it for everyone as a “just in case”.

The latest Ghibli film made by Miyazaki, Ponyo By The Sea, On the Cliff (or just Ponyo in all English markets) is being released nationwide in cinemas on the 5th February, 2010, it’s also been confirmed that the DVD will not be released until the middle of June 2010.

This was confirmed on e-mail as:

Ponyo will be released in cinemas nationwide on February 5th 2010. The DVD will be released in mid June 2010. Whether or not it will be released on Blu-ray is yet to be confirmed.

To Tim at TimMaughanBooks.com.

It’s being predicted that the DVD in the USA will be out by the end of the year, leaving a six month window between the US and the UK release of the DVDs.

Source: timmaughanbooks.com

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