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Porco Rosso on Film4

by - on the 3 October, 2010 at 5.17 pm

We all love Film4, it’s a great little free movie channel that lets us all watch pretty good films and for those of you on Virgin Media you can see it in HD as well. For the rest of us, we’ll have to be content watching what a film made by arguably one of the most influential people in anime today, Hayao Miyazaki in standard definition.

Porco Rosso

Originally a World War I pilot in the Italian Air Force, Porco has become disillusioned with life and now makes a living as a bounty hunter guarding ships in the Adriatic sea. Aside from this being slightly unusual, Porco has also been the subject of a vicious curse that has left him with the face of a pig – although no one really knows why. The ugly bounty hunter then falls in love with a rather fetching lady, Gina. Gina runs the sea pilots’ club and this film tells of the would be romance and his relationships with other humans in their world.

Where: Film4 – Sky – 315, Freeview – 15, Freesat – 300, Virgin Media – 428 (429 HD), TalkTalk – 230, UPC Ireland – 323
Time: Thursday 7th October – 11.00 and Sunday 10th October – 15.15

This will be subtitled as well, as per Film4‘s website.

Thanks for Anime UK News for pointing this out.

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