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Project MP and Shōchikubai To Become Anime and Manga

by - on the 14 October, 2008 at 8.28 am

It has been reported that the Japanese publisher: Shueisha, has sent out a retail order form for it’s new Super Dash Bunko light novels in October. This form states that Aoi Bandana’s Project MP and Tatakae! Shochikubai Koto Gakko Manga Kenkyu-bu (Fight! Shochikubai High School Manga Club) light novels will be adapted into manga this autumn and into an anime on Japanese television next year. According to this supposed form the manga will appear in the Ultra Jump magazine.

Project MP is centred around a high school boy who’s friends with a number of girls, but other than that he’s completely normal. Until he discovers his teacher has formed a combat unit (sentai) with all of the girls in the school. He’s one of their targets in the battle against evil.

The easily titled, Tatakae! Shochikubai Koto Gakko Manga Kenkyu-bu, is an action comedy the again revolves around high school, but this time in the form of a manga club which has been recruited to battle against aliens.

Neither currently have a release planned for the US or the UK.

Source: Moon Phase Comments via Anime News Network

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