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Queen’s Blade Promo, Kanokon and Aquarion Available

by - on the 5 December, 2008 at 5.52 pm

Media Factory, the Japanese production company have officially began streaming their promo for Queen’s Blade anime on YouTube. Media Factory will sell the DVD at the Comic Market 75 event at the Tokyo Bight Sight Convention Centre at the end of the month.

The actual DVD will include the complete promo video, a radio program and special interviews with the main cast. The anime itself is an adaptation of the spinoff book Lost Worlds. You can also see the full first episodes, in Japanese of course, of Kanokon and Aquarion for free on their official YouTube channel.

You can see the Queen’s Blade promo here. The Kanokon episode here and Aquarion episode here.

No word on a UK release as of yet…

Source: Anime News Network

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