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Space Dandy theme on iTunes

by - on the 1 February, 2014 at 8.03 pm

Space DandyMusic, it’s one of those rare things that the anime world doesn’t seem to be obsessed by. In regular movies, people bang on about the score and how amazing the composer is, in videogames there’s campaigns to try and get videogame music recognised as a legitimate classical music in the UK. Yet, with all of the J-Pop openings in the world, it seems to be a subject that’s on the less important side. That said, Space Dandy is trying to reverse this.

I say reverse, I mean, the show’s opening theme tune, Viva Namida is now available on iTunes in the United Kingdom. The album is called Viva Namida (Space Dandy Version) – EP and has four songs, Viva Namida, Healthy Merci, Scanty Blues and Smell. It’s available for £3.96.

You can fiond out more about it here

Source: UK Anime Network

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