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Street Fighter and Bleach Movie Competition

by - on the 29 June, 2009 at 10.03 pm


Unlike our sleepy friend Osaka who keeps a sleepy eye over the competitions page, our next competitions courtesy of Manga Entertainment is anything but sleepy!

We have in our possession two copies of the latest Bleach film, Bleach The Movie Memories of Nobody and we also have two copies of Street Fighter Five Disc Movie Collection to give away to two lucky winners, and all they need to do is answer the very simple question below:

Bleach and Street Fighter both have something in common – what is it?

A) They have the same director.

B) They both have their own videogames

C) They’re both 25 years old this year.


Script by Dagon Design

Street Fighter 5 Disc Movie Collection is available from hmv from the 29th June and Bleach The Movie: Memories of Nobody is available from the 6th July.

No closing date for this competition, so make sure you get answering quick!

Once the winners have been chosen, I will e-mail you directly for your address so that we can send you the prize! Don’t worry – we don’t keep a record of your address and will not pass it onto any third parties as spam and junk mail is the devil’s work. For the lucky winners, your prizes will be sent to you after the 6th July.

Terms and Conditions: Unfortunately, as with everything in life now there are certain terms and conditions on things, and this competition is one of them. They’re all pretty easy and relaxed though, so don’t worry.
* If you’re under 13, please don’t apply without parental permission * This competition is for a PAL copy of Bleach and Street Fighter. If you’re applying from a non-PAL region, bare this in mind. * News-Anime.com will take no responsibility in regards to the content, condition or application of the DVD. * Everything is provided “as-is”. * All winners are selected at random. * News-Anime.com reserves the right to cancel this competition at any time.
You can rest assured that at all times we keep your e-mail and address safe and under no circumstance will we sell it on to another company so that they can spam you. If you are under 13 please ask your parent’s permission before entering the competition, and if they have any questions just get them to e-mail us and we’ll hopefully quash any worries.

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