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Summer Wars Release Date Announced – Updated

by - on the 6 January, 2010 at 5.59 pm

Manga Entertainment today announced that they will be releasing of the most anticipated films of the year to the UK in September 2010. One of the most highly rated anime films of 2009, Summer Wars is the latest film from Mamoru Hosoda, the director of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

Summer Wars

Kenji Koiso is a child prodigy and this mathematically minded genius spends a large portion of his time immersed in a massive computer simulated viral world, OZ. At the beginning of his summer vacation, our socially inept genius is asked to help in celebrating his crush, Natsuki Shinohara’s great grandmother’s 90th birthday.

Before he knows it, he’s the lead of a news story about the destruction of his favourite computer game OZ and has to learn how to deal with this as well as enlist the help of Natsuki’s family to clear his name.

Release: September 2010
Format: Theatrical Release

Release: October/November 2010
Format: Standard Definition DVD and Blu-Ray DVD

Yes, Manga Entertainment also confirmed today that Summer Wars will be released in both standard definition DVD and Blu-Ray DVD in September.


Manga Entertainment today confirmed that they are planning for a theatrical release of Summer Wars in September and then a DVD release in both Blu-Ray and Standard Definition in October or November time.

Source: Twitter

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