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Summer Wars To Get UK Cinema Run

by - on the 10 October, 2010 at 2.44 pm

Just a few days ago we reported that Manga Entertainment were going to have to delay their release of Summer Wars due to production issues in the USA with their partner Funimation.

This weekend Funimation announced that they will be releasing Summer Wars for a theatrical run across the USA. This is great news as that means there’s potential of Oscar nominations for Summer Wars and whilst we all know that Oscars mean very little as they are always pretty biased, they do look good on a DVD box.

Manga Entertainment, the UK distributor of Summer Wars have also confirmed that they are planning on doing a theatrical release in the UK. News-Anime.com asked if a theatrical run is on the cards and Jerome from Manga Entertainment UK confirmed the below:

That’s the plan. Hopefully around late February if we can get some screens.

Source: Twitter

This is great news as there are very few anime releases that make it to the cinemas, Ponyo and Howl’s Moving Castle are the last two that had any major cinema interest.

So watch this space…

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