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Sweatdrop Announce Various Products

by - on the 21 October, 2008 at 8.23 am

Sweatdrop Studios, the independent manga manufacturer and distributor have recently announced a few new properties that will each will have a few chapters available from the 25th Ocotober, at the London MCM Expo. The three new properties are called Rainbow Carousel, which is the first project by the artist: Chloe Citrine.

Chloe states that her project’s premise:

It revolves around the changing life and personality of a boy named Bubblegum who has recently moved to a new town following his parent’s stormy divorce. He’s finding it hard to fit in and other stresses such as the school tough-guy taking a dislike to him and being in a restrictive long distance relationship are hardly helping matters much. When he by chance encounters a mysterious stranger who introduces him to the Rainbow Carousel, he discovers that rather than blaming the world around him, changing his own approach to life will make things that much better for himself and the people around him…

The next one is Murphy’s Law, which is another name for “Sod’s Law”. This is all about Mary, and the one that she longs for that will redefine her life. But when two guys enter her world, she never knew how hard love could be.

The final one is Drop Dead Monstrous, this is the latest anthology from Sweatdrop Studios and it features seven new comics about monsters that are very realistic and close to home, and some more exotic and “out-there” types.

Drop Dead Monstrous will also be available on Sweatdrop’s online store after the 26th.

Dragon Heir Volume 7 will also be launched at the Lonon MCM Expo this year, and it will pick up exactly where it left of.

Love Stuffing The prequel will be available along with Fantasma 5, this is the final volume and the first volume of Sushi and the End of the World.

There are then a number of comics and short stories being released by Sweatdrop at the Expo, the first is Jigsaw Pieces, which is various short stories, but one of them is “Looking for the Sun” which depicts exactly what the premise of the story will be.

There there is The Faucon, which is a small, fully colour comic which is based on a medieval hymn called “corpus christi”, which translated from it’s native Latin means Body of Christ. Then there is The Adventure of Digby Hogarth, which is another short story and it’s inspired by Edwardian England, and Digby will do battle against his sword rivals, such as Pie Eating contests.

Finally there is Am I Here, which is a full Graphic Novel, and will be about 200 pages long. It’s a sci-fi, action drama plot which surrounds an ex-killer out for a second change.

These final three will also all be available online for purchase after the 26th.

You can see a full collection of the preview pages below in our Gallery.

Source: Sweatdrop Studios

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