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The Wind Rises UK theatrical release dated

by - on the 8 February, 2014 at 12.25 am

The Wind RisesIn a statement via Twitter today, Studio Canal, the distributors of most of the Studio Ghibli films in the UK have confirmed the release date for The Wind Rises in the cinema. This oscar nominated film was recently pegged as the last from the award winning master, Hayao Miyazaki, until he unretired himself late last year.

The Wind Rises will be released in cinemas in the UK on the 9th May 2014. There’s currently no word from the major chain cinemas as to whether or not they will be showing it; however, it’s very likely considering the majority of Ghibli films in recent years have been shown at the chain cinemas alongside the independent cinemas.

To celebrate this announcement, Studio Canal are giving Twitter users the opportunity to win one of the steelpack box sets that they are releasing this year by just retweeting this tweet.

Currently no news on a home release, but basing on normal release patterns, we suspect but it is unconfirmed, that it will be this year.

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