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Tokoypop USA Lay Off Staff

by - on the 15 December, 2008 at 8.08 pm

The world is in economic crisis, and it would appear that for the most part the UK anime and manga industry is doing just fine. I was only recently told by someone over at Tokyopop UK that at the MCM Expo they almost sold out of goods. However, it doesn’t look like the US is feeling the love from their consumers.

It’s been reported by Anime News Network, that Tokyopop US are going to have to make eight of their staff redundant. Marc Pavia has cited that dramatically low sales in the publishing industry has led to this action. Just earlier on this year 39 of their staff were made redundant due to a corporate restructuring.

This also means that releases will be pushed back and be fewer and further between. How this effects the UK market we’re not 100% sure yet, but it’s likely that we’ll just suffer the same sort of ripples from the US – but without any redundancies as the manga industry in the UK is doing well.

Source: Anime UK Net

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