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Tokyopop Confirm 35 More Titles

by - on the 4 December, 2008 at 4.41 pm

Today TOKYOPOP UK have announced that there will be an additional 35 manga titles to be released in the UK between the months of July and August, 2009. This makes 2009’s current total at 212 different mangas in just eight months. That equates to 26.5 mangas per month, which is a fairly nice amount really.

The new confirmed titles are as follows:

Series Volume Type Release
Asu no Yoichi 1 Manga July
Hoshi no Witch ( Witch

in Artemis )

1 Manga July


1 Manga July
JYO-OH-SEI 2 Manga July
Phantom Dream 2 Manga July
Togainu no Chi 2 Manga July
Starcraft Frontline 3 Manga July
Mamotte Shugoetten 4 Manga July
Warcraft Legends 4 Manga July
Manga Sutra 5 Manga July
Gatcha Gacha 6 Manga July
Kare Kano 9 Manga July
Chibi Vampire 12 Manga July
Rebirth 14 Manga July
King of Hell 22 Manga July
Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition 2 Ultimate Edition July
Love Hurts 1 Blu July
Remember 1 Graphic Novel July
Trinity Blood
Rage against the Moons
2 Novels July
Aria 1 Manga August
Momo Tama 2 Manga August
Fate/stay night 3 Manga August
Kyo Kara MAOH! 3 Manga August
Genju no Seiza 4 Manga August
Peacemaker 5 Manga August
VB Rose 6 Manga August
Battle Vixens 13 Manga August
Chibi Vampire 13 Manga August
Fruits Basket 23 Manga August
Star Trek Ultimate Edition 1 Ultimate Editions August
Luuna 1 Graphic Novels August
Pixie 1 Graphic Novels August
Cause of my Teacher 1 Blu August
Gakuen Heaven Nakajima 1 Blu August
Fruits Basket 18 month Planner 1 Planner August

Source: Tokyopop

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