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TokyoPop Confirm ReCon Speculation

by - on the 30 January, 2009 at 7.56 am

tokyopop_logoDuring the current time of economic downturn, the world has been torn apart. With huge companies posting even larger losses, factories shutting down for months at a time and people being made redundant from just about every sector in the employment there have been plenty of rumours around the future of the much loved ReCon from TOKYOPOP.

Large and small companies alike have to find way of reducing their overheads so that they are able to keep as many of their workforce employed during these difficult times. The companies in partnership and sponsorship of TOKOYPOP’s ReCons such as Nintendo, VIZ and Stabilo have had to discontinue their support of ReCons at this time owing to their profits being affected by the current economic downturn.

TOKYOPOP is a successful company, and has been doing well for many years; however, without the support of larger companies the budget is simply not big enough to sustain the level of ReCons as have occurred over the past two years. Therefore there has to be a reduction in the number of ReCons that will take place. It has also been confirmed that Nick, the full time host has been made redundant as a direct result of the lack of funding.

However, rather than completely stopping all future ReCons it has been decided that there will be one or two a month wherever possible. Andrew at TOKYOPOP has stated:

Have already got Waterstones Torquay in April and Scunthorpe Library in May booked and will add ones to the diary over next few months.

The main part of the ReCon will stay the same quiz, cosplay, art competitions, prize draw, freebies and new titles presentations. I will however try new elements where I can such as Karaoke etc.

It’s unfortunate that this has had to happen, but during our current times it was likely to be the first even to suffer from the cut in sponsorship major companies have had to do to keep people employed. Andrew has also stated:

When and if the budget, partners etc are back in place I can look at ramping the number back up to 2007/8 levels…

So not all hope is lost for now.

As always, as soon as we know exact dates of ReCons we will let you know so that you’ll be able to come out in force to support the manga industry in this country.


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