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TOKYOPOP Titles in The IT Crowd

by - on the 11 November, 2008 at 8.53 pm

The IT Crowd is a series about two socially dysfunctional IT professionals, who work for the fictitious Reynholm Industries, very happily for many years. Answering phones with the IT mantra: “Have you turned it off and on again?”, or just not answering it at all. Although located in the basement, Roy and Moss were happy at the bottom of the company ladder until a new manager turns up – Jen. Jen has managed to blag her way into the job and knows nothing about the geek and otaku culture. It’s the perfect show for people who work in an office, with IT or enjoy the geek life. Graced with the presence of the legendary Noel Fielding, as the emotional goth: Richmond, the IT Crowd is moving from strength to strength.

In the third series the director of the show Graham Linehan asked for fans of the show to continue to try and evolve the IT office from geek-chic to geek-heaven. Where would any geek, otaku or IT fan be without anime and manga? In the third series, due to start this November on Channel 4, many different manga titles from TOKYOPOP UK will be making the occasional appearance. The two manga currently confirmed to be seen in the office are titles such as Sgt Frog and Devil May Cry. So keep your eye out for these titles and various others dotted around the office.


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