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Tokyopop USA Delay Titles

by - on the 2 February, 2009 at 5.37 pm

tokyopop_logoRecently Comics Worth Reading posted a list of cancelled Tokyopop titles in the USA. This list is actually a list of delayed series, and thanks to MangaBlog there is now confirmation from Toykopop USA’s marketing director regarding the delays.

You are correct that we’ve postponed—not cancelled—these series, although the .Hack Manga-Novel Special Edition (a manga & novel combo book of two previously pubbed volume 1’s, at a value price) is something we may not publish, because of some licensing issues.

In general, we have spaced out the release frequency of some slower-selling titles, and as a result, we have fewer releases each month. I believe our release-plan refinement was reported in December.

There’s quite a few titles that have been delayed, and this will be due to the fact that they are trying to maximise their titles which is only right during the current market. However, this shouldn’t have much of an affect on the UK as in the past Andrew and I were discussing Tokyopop Germany and he stated:

Just so you know most of our licences are bought on a UK basis…

So there’s not a huge chance of the UK release dates changing – but as always nothing is set in stone.

Source: MangaBlog

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