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UK Anime Closing Down

by - on the 14 October, 2009 at 9.51 pm

uk-anime-siteAlthough this announcement is a little old now, in fact, I can’t believe that I’ve missed this announcement!

One of the oldest UK Anime News and Reviews websites on the internet decided as of the 7th October, 2009, to discontinue with updates, this website is UK Anime. For many years UK Anime has existed as a source of news and reviews for many fans across the UK and Ireland for fair, unbiased and interesting news and reviews.

Chris, the owner, has cited many reasons for deciding to retire his site:

There are numerous reasons for me doing so but ultimately the chief reason is not being able to fairly dedicate the time now needed to cover the UK industry. My spare time has decreased whilst the amount of anime I need to watch to keep up just continues to increase. It’s not fair on the companies who have been so great in helping me all these years and ultimately a news sites that only rarely updates isn’t something that will cause readers to flock to it.

Fortunately the site will stay alive as an archive, but for now, it’s formally closed. A sad day for the UK Anime Internet Community indeed.

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