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Wolf’s Rain and Gundam Seed Announced by Beez

by - on the 15 November, 2009 at 4.18 pm

wolfs-rainBeez Entertainment, the subsidiary of Namco Bandai, today announced via their Twitter feed that Beez Anime Legends lineup for 2010:

  • Wolf’s Rain Complete Collection
  • Gundam Seed Part One

These two shows will be available from the 25th January, 2010. What makes their Anime Legends lineup different from the norm, is twofold. One, the anime series are classics, most of them are older and wouldn’t always be picked up by companies due to the need for newer anime every minute of the day and the second is the price. Currently both DVDs are going being promotionally priced at £16.99 with a RRP of £24.99.

For a boxset of a complete collection, or even a partial boxset of a half series these prices are amazingly good value. Considering that a standard 3-6 episode volume is often priced between £12.99-15.99.

You can get Wolf’s Rain Complete Collection via Play.com here, and Gundam Seed Part One via Play.com here.

Source: Twitter

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