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World Record Attempt at London MCM Expo

by - on the 17 October, 2008 at 10.24 am

At the London ExCel centre, on the 25th October, or next Saturday, the London MCM Expo will be attempting to break a world record by Cosplay. However, th is is not the standard Anime cosplay, but for videogame characters.

The current world record is only 80 people, so for those of you who love to Cosplay it should be pretty easy to do; however, there are strict guidelines that need to be followed.

The characters have to be from a videogame, and it can’t be an anime to videogame, or a comicbook to videogame, it has to be just a videogame character. So dress up as Link, Zelda, Sonic, Mario, Luigi, Sephiroth, Ganbare Goemon, Yae, Opoona, Samba de Amigo or whoever! Just make sure it’s a videogame character.

The even starts at 1230, and the location it on the stairs outside the entrance to the ExCel Centre.

Source: MCM Expo

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