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Yen Press Announce Various Licenses

by - on the 8 February, 2009 at 1.19 pm

yotsubaAt the New York Comic Con, Yen Press have announced that they are taking over a number of releases in the USA. Of course USA releases mean little in the long run to the UK market as we all know that many of the UK publishers are entirely independent from their US counterparts. However, Yen Press and Orbit Manga run together in the UK so it’s likely that this may impact the UK more heavily than usual.

The first from this young publisher is Spice and Wolf, which was announced in September. The second is Crescent Moon Story, and the final one is an old ADV Manga license and much loved series: Yotsuba&!. From Korea they are adding Raiders, Laon and Time and Time again.

These are all fairly high profile series and this young and dynamic publisher will do well to allow these series to be published by them in the UK. However, it is still currently unknown as to how this will affect the UK market if at all.

Source: Anime News Network

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