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Street Fighter – 5 Disc Movie Collection

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There are few successful videogame to movie adaptations, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and that Mario film from years ago. Fortunately it would appear that videogame to anime films are far more successful as the Street Fighter 5 Disc Movie Collection features all of the anime films from this iconic series in one boxset.

In total there are three films, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha Generations and Street Fighter II, along with Street Fighter The Digital Comic. Street Fighter Alpha is the first film of the box set, although much like Star Wars it’s actually Street Fighter Alpha Generations that’s chronologically first in the Street Fighter timeline.

In Street Fighter Alpha Ken returns home to pay his respects to his late master and crops into Ryu. This reunion is better sweet as the pair have not seen each other in many years and they must together overcome a great evil that’s slowly taking over Ryu as well as the land. Ryu’s younger brother, Shun appears from no where and yet no one has any memory of him, whilst Ryu, Ken and Shun get to know one another the demonic power that lies dormant inside of Ryu starts to bubble at the surface and it’s soon apparent that Shun has the ability to utilise this power as well.

Street Fighter Alpha has decent voice acting in English and the Japanese voice cast is very well acted. Fortunately good casting and decent translating have managed to keep Street Fighter Alpha fighting back the easy trap that videogame to film adaptations usually fall into. The animation is very well done, there are a lot of muted tones throughout and the demonic scenes are dark and very distinct at all times. Unfortunately the storyline itself isn’t exactly amazing and for the most part is somewhat clichéd; however, the ending is very impressive.

The second film to be made is actually the first film in the series and Street Fighter Alpha Generations tells the story of Gouki’s defeat of Ryu’s master, leaving the village and falling into a very dark and evil life. Ryu returns to the village and dojo to pay his respects to his master. Ryu is plagued by nightmares of Gouki. He soon finds that his dojo has been left to ruin and starts training again to find the man who killed his former master.

Street Fighter Alpha Generations also has a strong voice-acting cast in both English and Japanese and for the most part is well acted. With some dodgy phases in the film it doesn’t sound as good as the first but the artwork is far more impressive. The character designs have changed a lot from the first film and although look more blocky and less impressive, are actually far more fluid with more impressive backgrounds. The muted tones of the backgrounds are strong contrasts to the much brighter, although still faded in comparison to the likes of Lucky Star; leave more of a lasting impression on the viewer.

Street Fighter 2 begins with Ryu and Sagat fighter at full strength whilst Cammie White, a former street fighter and a hired assassin are targeting Albert Sellers. The Interpol officer Chung Lee, manage to arrest Cammie White, unfortunately the Shadow Law managed to recruit many of the normal street fighters to act as assassins to destroy the Albert Sellers in London. Bison, the leader of the Shadow Law is planning on taking over the world and must be stopped and the person to do this is Ryu.

Along with the other films, the animation quality is very good, as is the voice acting and the translations a little hit and miss. This is the uncut version, therefore there’s the extended scenes of Chung Lee and all of the controversy that in modern society appears to be far minor than when it was first released.

Along with these films there’s a digital comic in the style of manga. This comic expands upon various aspects of the series and is well done, with brilliant drawing quality and is well scripted.

Final Score


This release will depend entirely on Street Fighter fans and the movies are very similar and a smidgen generic. Great value for money for a Street Fighter fan though.

  • unellmay

    Don’t particularly like street fighter but a good kung fu flick is always good 8 )