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U Don’t Know Me

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“U Don’t Know Me” is a yaoi published by Net Comics and written by the author known as Rakun. Originally published as donginji (doujinshi) in Korea, “U Don’t Know Me” is a love story where two best friends, close to brotherhood, reveal their secret desires to each other that have stemmed from childhood in a world where this is still taboo. “U Don’t Know Me” is a romantic, sexy, humorous with a pinch of violence piece of work and has a story comparable with other popular manga such as “There’s Something About Sunyool” and “Merry Family Plan”.

The two main characters, Yoojin and Seyun’s relationship blossom, as they grow older, from best friends in their childhood and become passionate lovers in their teens. Yoojin is typically tall, dark and handsome, martial arts professional and all round cool guy. Whereas Seyun, who is not only handsome, but is seen by his lover as far weaker and less cool with a hint of lolli-shota. Life is seemingly sweet until Seyun moves away with his irrational father during his childhood; however, things do not work out and years later he returns. Yoojin is still living with his parents when Seyun moves to his own place nearby. It is from here the two realise they were always more than just friends. Yoojin often too forceful and Seyun tougher then he acts, it’s a complicated relationship from the beginning and this is before the parents find out!

The quality of the artwork is decent and the actual imagery is graphic throughout the entire manga, the front cover alone is somewhat suggestive and goes much further than this giving the viewer exactly what’s hoped for. Like any good quality manga, it is easy to read. There are many double pages pretty much dedicated to the less then subtle sex scenes, picturing more passionate moments and leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. However, it’s not all seriousness as there are plenty of chibi sketches that express the storyline has taken a lighter turn and the reader is welcome to laugh. The more that one reads, the more the manga feels like an anime, which is a great sign. Darting from one box to the next ensures the entire yaoi can be enjoyed and finished well within the hour. Ideal for saucy lunch hours and bathtub reading!

“U Don’t Know Me” is a perfect read for anyone who enjoys a typical yaoi storyline. Two sexy young men sharing passionate moments that become more graphic and intense as the pages turn over. The storyline consists of a shock factor most of us born in the 80’s have long since gotten over but can’t wait to know more about. The romance coincides neatly with the heart throbbing sex scenes and the more heart breaking discussions as Yoojin and Seyun debate if what they’re doing is right.

Although very enjoyable there are some scenes that feel as though they are only put in to make up the pages. Seyun has this gangster like image around him that Yoojin does not see. In school Seyun is revered as one of the toughest school kids around and is known for loosing his temper and getting into fights. However, when with Yoojin, he is described as a ‘kitten’ and only looses his temper during heated debates of which anyone could be guilty. Thus parts of the storyline seem almost completely irrelevant which leads to impatient thoughts such as “Let’s have another sex scene or a strange twist!” However the storyline is not without it’s shocking moments that render the reader unable to put the manga down before knowing what happens next.

Final Score


A little typical, occasionally irrelevant but overall it delivers the reason it was bought for in the first place.