» Volunteer Openings

News-Anime.com is a fast paced, growing website that now needs some additional hands to make things work. We are looking for the following positions to be filled by enthusiastic volunteers who have a love for anime and is prepared to give up a little bit of their time every day to write about what they love. We need:

  • News Writers
  • Article Writers (feature articles about anime/manga/UK scene)
  • Bloggers
  • Review Writers (review copies will be provided; however, you must either be over 18 or have the express written consent of your parents as we will be posting DVDs to you)

Everyone will need to be able to write in good, clear English, be able to take criticism well and be able to dedicate their time to keeping News-Anime.com up to date, whilst working under myself and Arctic Zora – our other staffer here.

Benefits? Well, we can’t pay you any cash for this role as we’re not making profits at the moment, but you will be able to keep the review copies we pass on to you and we will be able to get you into most Anime events in the country as a member of the press.

Do you want to work for us but have a different idea that we don’t currently have a position for? That’s fine – just e-mail us and we’ll take a look at your idea and see if we can place it into the growing News-Anime.com family.